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People Playground Mods

People Playground is a popular physics-based sandbox game which allows players to create and test various scenarios involving simulated human bodies. The game comes with a variety of tools and features to experiment with, but for those who want more, there is an active community creating mods to make the gameplay even more fun and engaging.

What are People Playground Mods?

Mods are user-created modifications that alter or add content to the game. They can range from small tweaks to game settings, to entirely new items, environments, or characters. Mods offer players a way to personalize their gameplay experience and create content to share with others in the community.

Some Popular Mods for People Playground

The Classic Mod

This mod adds a variety of new weapons, items, and characters to the game, as well as some new features to the existing tools. Some of the most notable additions include a flamethrower, a rocket launcher, and a grenade launcher, as well as a set of new anatomically-correct organs and bones for the bodies.

The Ragdoll Mod

The Ragdoll mod focuses on the ragdoll physics of the game, adding more realistic and complex movements to the bodies. It also enhances the blood and gore effects, making the game even more intense and visually striking.

The Parkour Mod

This mod adds new elements to the game's environment, including a new parkour course that players can use to test out the agility of their characters. It also adds new vehicles and gadgets, such as grappling hooks, for players to use in their scenarios.

How to Install People Playground Mods

To install a mod for People Playground, first, you will need to download the mod file from a website that offers them. Then, you will need to extract the contents of the file into the game's installation folder. Once you have done this, the mod should be available to use in-game.


People Playground Mods offer a way for players to extend the game beyond its original features and create new scenarios and challenges to test their skills. With a large and active community of mod creators, there is no shortage of exciting new content to explore. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, checking out some of the mods available can breathe new life into the game and provide hours of entertainment.